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Monday, February 16, 2015

Reader is not a Pat Stier fan

Editor's note: The following replaces something we published by the same author yesterday that appeared to be his letter to the editor but was in fact a preamble to it.  In the original submission the following was intended to be attached to his email to this publication but wasn't.

Baynish Bassett

Dear Editor,

MLA Pat Stier is currently getting considerable sympathy for having become politically- orphaned by the recent defection of both his recent Leader and Deputy Leader

But more important than the floor-crossing issue is Mr. Stier's record as an MLA. He has been particularly ineffective. There has been no new government funding in this area since his election. There has been a new school opened in Claresholm, but as a retiring teacher told the Local Press, the credit for that goes to Mr. Stier's predecessor.

Stier's government expense claims (available on both the government and the Wild Rose Party website) show that his travel in the constituency is very rare.

After the last election he promised to communicate more than his predecessor, but he is averaging about one newsletter, and one Letter to the Editor to the local paper per year.

It is becoming very clear why he was a one-term MD Counsellor, and will soon be a one term MLA

Baynish Bassett,

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