Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sr. Boys basketball - Dragons defeat Knights

Dragons vs Knights
Chris Davis

St. Michael's Senior Boys Dragons hosted Nanton's Knights for an evening of basketball at the Dale Wentz Memorial Gymnasium on February 9.  It was a one-sided affair, with the Dragons dominating from the tip-off on, winning the game by a very wide margin.


The Dragons cut through the Knights' defence seemingly at will.  The hometown crowd was itching for a superdunk, and Dragons #6 Michael Svab obliged, to much acclaim.  He put on a clinic all evening.  Chet Root was also back in fine form, obviously recovered from an injury sustained at the recent Nanton tournament.  Mitchell Zoratti - great game. Calvin Cooley - great game.   Jake Varley - great game.  Rap Palao - team spirit to spare. One of my favourite moments was when Justice One Owl's long shot connected after several tries. In fact, if you wanted to pick who played well you'd just have to throw a dart at the Dragons' roster. Levi Root, Kyle Knowlton, Isaak Bustard, everyone had a turn to shine.

The game itself wasn't very exciting to watch, with the ultimate outcome obvious from very early on.

Dragons are notorious for their loner personas in the wild.  On the basketball court, the key to their continuing success is teamwork.

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