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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sr. Girls Basketball - Dragons defeat Crusaders

Dragonhawks vs Crusaders
Kim Jorgenson photos
Kim Jorgenson/C. Davis

*corrected for accuracy

Pincher Creek's Senior Girls Dragons, composed of Matthew Halton and St. Michael's high school students, traveled to Coalhurst on February 2 for a basketball game against the hometown Crusaders. It was a very close competition. The Dragons were dressed as Halton Hawks and had the Senior Boys there to cheer them on, and lots of Pincher Creek parents. Rebecca Lowry was amazing for the Dragons, and the team set up a lot of great plays. In the end the Dragon won it by a narrow margin, 46-43.

Miriam Entz and Rhonda Waldner were the top scorers for the Crusaders. Rebecca Lowry and Jayden Kennedy were the top scorers for the Dragons. Entz, Waldner, Lowry, and Ashtyn Duncan (Hawks) were named Players of the Game.

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*correction: an earlier version of this story called the Dragons "Hawks".  The team is composed of Hawks and Dragons but plays under the Dragons banner.  In this game they were dressed as Hawks.

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