Thursday, March 26, 2015

Affordable housing funding application approved by Pincher Creek Town Council

Toni Lucas

During the regular meeting of Town Council for Monday, March 23 council unanimously agreed to direct administration to submit the Housing Committee's 'no obligation'  expression of interest for the Rural Housing Initiative to the Alberta Rural Development Network.   Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) Coordinator David Green spoke to council about this.  "The Alberta  Rural Development  Network has called for expressions of interest related to the development of  30 unit affordable housing units.  It was a very simple application form.  The application is aimed at small rural communities.  All they have asked for is size, location, estimated value of any potential donated lands, and they've asked for maps to accompany that.   Then they asked for a description of the community's need for homeless and low income housing."

Green said that he used the housing needs assessment and the geographic information system (GIS) to put together the application.  "This is a no obligation expression of interest," he explained.  "We are providing them with the material they've asked for, under no obligation to the town, or for town council.  It's a fairly straightforward process, I wish all grant applications were that simple.  We have nothing to lose."

In the application administration has identified five potential sites for affordable housing projects.  The sites are located in the downtown area, close to schools, stores, and recreational amenities.  Locations include Main Street, Charlotte Street, and Hewetson Avenue.

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