Monday, March 9, 2015

Bowling National Classified Zone Round held at Chinook Lanes

Jessica Maunsell, Monika McNabb, Janine Jackson, Jackie Adair, Donna Jensen
Ladies team
Murray Adair, Trevor Doell, Darryl Bratz, Toby Hannah, Terry Laffin
Mens team
Kim Jorgenson

A Bowling National Classified Zone Round was held at Chinook Lanes on Sunday March 8.

Chinook Lanes has five different average classes that bowl. They are placed in groups of 3 according to their average class for this tournament.

There are 5 groups that compete with 3 bowlers per group. Each team of 3 plays five games. The top male bowler and female bowler (based on pins dropped) from each group goes on to to form the Men’s and Ladies Teams that will represent Chinook Lanes at Provincials in Edmonton. The date for Provincials has not been set yet.

Mens team is:

Darryl Bratz - 1170
Murray Adair - 1030
Trevor Doell - 1127
Toby Hannah - 913
Terry Laffin - 820

Ladies team is:

Donna Jensen - 1057
Jackie Adair - 990
Monika McNabb - 926
Janine Jackson - 822
Jessica Maunsell - 818

* Corrected for accuracy

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