Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Canyon School welcomes 6 Chinese exchange students

Exchange students, Canyon students, and staff
Canyon School photo

Chris Davis

Canyon School students were excited to greet six exchange students from Szuchou, China  and their teacher on Thursday afternoon, March 19.  Their visit is part of the  Livingstone School Division International Homestay  project. They will be staying with various host families in town, and will be here until June 17.  According to Canyon School Principal Mrs. Goodreau their exchange may include some Mandarin lesson breakout sessions.  The students go by the English names Ruby, Lisa, Alice, Rose, Nancy, and Leo, and their teacher is Gloria Wu.  The students were chosen based upon their exemplary scholastic achievements.  Please make these friendly ambassadors from the east welcome as they get to know our town.

Host and exchange students Laura, Rose, Ruby, Darilyn, Dalton, and Leo
C. Davis photo

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