Sunday, March 1, 2015

Castle Mountain goes infantry green

PPCLI Battalion #3 member at Castle Mountain
photo by Major Douglas Russell
Toni Lucas

Castle Mountain Resort announced that as of Monday February 16 they were closed to the public due to inconsistent weather conditions. This did not stop their operations entirely, though. Since that time 107 members of the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI) Battalion #3 from Edmonton converged upon Castle Mountain Resort for eight days ending the morning of Tuesday, February 24. The Officer commanding A Company Major Douglas Russell explained that it was "To do some winter warfare training in a mountainous environment." The exercise was called Spartan Avalanche Exercise. Soldiers worked on a number of winter and mountain skills with a focus toward avalanche training.

photo by Major Douglas Russell

Russell said that the PPCLI #3 Battalion specialize in in mountain abilities and already have a lot of technical skills within the unit. They worked closely with Castle Mountain Safety Manager Jock Richardson during a two day avalanche training exercise. Russell said "The support we got from Castle Mountain was outstanding."

PPCLI trucks refueling
T. Lucas photo
PPCLI Battalion #3 members refueling
T. Lucas photo
Marketing Manager Donna Murray-Clark said that the PPCLI "They have been here in the past, and we were very happy to have them back."

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