Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Charges laid in relation to suspected overdose deaths in Standoff

Blood Tribe Chief of Police Lee Boyd

On Friday March 20th the Blood Tribe Police Service investigated three separate incidents that occurred in the village of Standoff on the Blood Indian Reserve involving apparent drug overdoses. The reports indicated that they likely involved the street drug commonly known as Oxy80.

At 9:00 am a 42 year old male was dropped off at the Emergency Medical Services building in Standoff and subsequently transported to hospital as the result of a suspected overdose and it appears he has recovered from the immediate threat of the overdose. This matter does not appear to be related to the other three overdoses.

Another subject, a 41 year old male, was dropped off at the police station at 9:40 AM in an apparent intoxicated state. He was found to have green residue in his mouth consistent with Oxy 80 use and was displaying incoherent behavior not congruent with alcohol intoxication. EMS were called and he was transported to hospital because of a suspected drug overdose. He received medical treatment and it appears he has recovered from the immediate threat of the overdose.

At noon police were called to a house in Standoff where two deceased persons were located. Police suspected at the time that their deaths may be related to drug abuse. One was a 46 year old male and the other a 41 year old female, who were known to each other. The victims are:
  • Roxanne Nona BLOOD (1973-06-10)
  • Timothy Glen EAGLE SPEAKER (1968-07-22)
The 41 year old male who was dropped off at the police station with an apparent overdose has been tied to the house where the deaths occurred and was apparently present during the use of illicit drugs at that location that morning. It has been determined through investigation that there was a birthday gathering at the house and illicit drugs were used as part of the celebration. Consumption of those drugs quickly lead to the tragic events that unfolded.

Our investigation since then has resulted in police forming the reasonable and probable grounds to charge three individuals in relation to these events. Specifically in relation to the deaths. Charged are:
  • Charles Shouting age 34 years, of Standoff, AB
  • Jessica Good Rider age 26 years of Standoff, AB
  • Bobby Weasel Head age 41 years, of the Blood Indian Reserve.

All three accused persons are charged with:
  • Trafficking a Controlled Substance contrary to Section 5(1) of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.
  • Causing Death by Criminal Negligence contrary to Section 220 of the Criminal Code of Canada.
  • Causing Death by Criminal Negligence contrary to Section 220 of the Criminal Code of Canada.
All of these individuals were brought before a bail hearing which was adjourned until today and it is my information they will be speaking to this matter this afternoon (March 23) in Provincial Court in Cardston

The Blood Tribe Police Service has made a commitment to the community to use all available resources to engage the illicit drug trade in the community and will continue to enforce the available laws on any who are caught in violation of the law. We will share information with our partner agencies so that they too can use any means at their disposal to deal with the problem. If you are selling drugs in this community we are going to come after you, if someone dies from drugs you have sold them we will do everything in our power to hold you legally responsible for your actions. There is zero tolerance for drug dealers.

Oxy 80 is the most recent and most serious illicit drug that has brought the issue of drug abuse to the forefront. There are other illegal substances and prescription drugs that are also being sold and used illegally. The community must remain vigilant to all forms of drug abuse and the police ask the community’s cooperation in dealing with this problem.

The community has organized awareness campaigns and media attention to this problem and have generated action by all services in the community. This is an issue that can be resolved not only through law enforcement but through community intervention and support services. If you have friends or family who are involved in the illicit use or trade of drugs, become involved, intervene – lives depend on it.

The Blood Tribe Police Service encourages the general public to continue to submit tips to the  Crime Reduction Unit at their anonymous tip email:

Update March 24 regarding the accused persons:

  • Charles Shouting
  • Jessica Good Rider
  • Bobby Weasel Head

Recently charged for Trafficking a Controlled Substance and Criminal Negligence Causing Death X 2 ; All three were remanded in custody until 9:30 am, Friday 27 March 2015, Courtroom #1, Provincial Court Lethbridge to speak further to Bail via CCTV .

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