Monday, March 2, 2015

Dragons defeat Vulcan in Sr. Girls Basketball

Dragon Megan McGlynn with the ball
J. Jackson photos and video
Joey Jackson

The Pincher Creek Sr. girls Dragons were able to cruise their way to a blowout victory over the Vulcan Hawks on Thursday February 26th, winning 82-24 in Pincher Creek.  The game was slightly delayed after the refs got the wrong information and started to head for Vulcan and didn't make it back in time for the game, so they had to find a few freelance refs so that they could get the game started. The Dragons outplayed the Hawks the entire game, but mostly in the first half.  They scored 47 in the first two quarters while holding the Hawks to only 8. The Vulcan Hawks had a scare halfway through the game when Adrienne Dietz collided with Samantha Cyr mid-court and had to go to the dressing room for repairs, but she came back later to finish off the game.

Jayden Kennedy led the Dragons to their win with 22 points.  She had a very impressive first half, making 18,  which secured the Dragons win early on.  Dragon Rebecca Lowry was also impressive, making 19 and picking up the scoring in a much slower second half of the game. Kate Nicas had 10 while scoring a few 3s, and Megan McGlynn had 10. Jordan Tharle of the Hawks led her team in points, managing to score 8, all coming in the third quarter, which was when the Hawks had their best performance for the night. Jayden Kennedy and Rebecca Lowry both earned Player of the Game nods from the two coaches, and Vulcan's Adrienne Deitz took both Player of the Game honours for her team.

Ashley Higgenbotham with the ball
Dragons 11 Ashtyn Duncan
Catherine Viel takes a shot

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