Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Experiential Learning Week Dinner Party Wars 2015

Main Course (White team) at Dinner Party Wars
Amazing stuffed meatloaf with garlic mashed potatoes, gravy, broccoli, apple cabbage

Toni Lucas/Chris Davis

During Experiential Learning Week in Matthew Halton High School (MHHS) 20 students chose to take part in the Foods - Dinner Party Wars option.  Students ranging from grades 7 - 12 from both Livingstone School and MHHS formed two competing teams (White and Blue) that had to present a three course meal collectively to 40 paying guests.  They were competing for the newly made and highly coveted trophy that will have the names of the individuals on the winning team emblazoned on it.

Dinner Party Wars trophy
Students planned and executed every part of the experience, and quite an experience it was.  A room in the school was temporarily transformed into a fine dining room complete with soft music, candlelight, flowers, and attentive hostesses.  Each team had a matching menu to prepare but could choose the recipe they wanted to use. Teams had access to a finite list of ingredients, matching access to items supplied by the school such as cutlery and other tableware, and a budget of $25 to help put finishing touches on their vision.

Delicious bruscetta entré
Guests were greeted at the doorway by the team hostesses.  Names were taken and people were guided to their seats.  The menu included bruschetta, meatloaf and mashed potatoes and a wonderful chocolate cream and puffed pastry dessert was outlined and explained. Each course was served attentively with a minimum of fanfare. Questions were answered fully and  tables had the opportunity to speak to those that prepared their meal.

Dessert: Cream puff with a choux paste dough topped with raspberry and mango sauce, drizzled chocolate, and a crackle.  Incredibly edible!!

Looking around the room people were enjoying their meals, the conversations were pleasant, and the hospitality was genuine and prompt.  Both teams put in an applause-worthy effort and for these Voice reporters it made for a wonderful date/dining experience.

Diners Brad Toone (LRSD School Board Vice Chair) and John McKee (LRSD School Board member)
Chef Ian Robertson announced on Tuesday, March 31 that the white team won by 1% "This was a very, very close competition," he said.  Kudos to both teams.  The quality of this meal and presentation was exceptional.

Preparing bruscetta entrés
Diner Robert Dale Plante and server sans pareil Erica Mackenzie
Kudos to the chefs!

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