Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Experiential Learning Week students learn theatrical principles

Experiential Learning Week Drama students
M. Kirzan photos
Experiential Learning week returned to Matthew Halton High School (MHHS) last week, and included the participation of MHHS and Livingstone School students.  One of the courses available was Drama with instructors Mary Krizan, Renee Van Loon, and Logan Kennedy.

Mary Krizan

The week began with a visit to the Fashion Studies Department at Lethbridge College to learn about the principles of theatrical makeup. Students created a facial schematic, and learned the main principles of corrective makeup. We then made wounds with household items like gelatin, potato flakes, brown rice and oatmeal. The best recipe for fake blood: baby shampoo, corn syrup and red food colouring!

Sometimes you have to bleed for your art
After a study of essential theatrical terms and stage positions, we broke into two groups: Performance and Theatrical Makeup. 

The performance group worked on Improvisation and Mime. Practicing these dramatic forms assists in learning vocal, body and facial expression.

The theatrical makeup group practiced many types of theatre makeup with basic makeup and paint. Examples included aging, superheroes and animals.

Performing a skit
Performing a skit
Performing a skit
The final project for the week saw the makeup group apply character makeup to the performance group who then had to quickly develop a skit where they acted as the character they were made up as.

This was a very talented and engaged group! Much fun was had.

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