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Dragons win banner at SWJHAA Jr A Girls Post Season Basketball Tournament

2014/15 SWJHAA Junior A Girls Basketball Champions 
St. Michael's Dragons
C.Davis photos/videos
Second place: MHHS Hawks
Third Place: WCCHS Cobras
Fourth Place: FPW Flyers
Christian Davis

The South Western Junior High Athletic Association (SWJHAA) 2015 Junior A Girls Post Season Basketball Tournament was held at Matthew Halton School on Saturday February 28.  Seven teams participated.

Final game: Hawks vs Dragons

Game 1: F.P. Walshe Flyers vs Kainai Lady Warriors

Kainai's short bench (just 6 or 7 players) didn't help them in this game, which the Flyers won 35-25.  Top scorer in the game was Kainai's Selena with 12 points, followed by Cassidy of the Flyers with 8 points.

Game 2: Halton Hawks vs Crowsnest Pandas
Hawks (in white)  vs Pandas
Matthew Halton's Hawks won this game by a wide margin.  Top scorer in the game was Emma Dietze of the Hawks with 13 points, followed by teammate Grace Kirkness with 9 points.

Game 3: WCCHS Cobras vs J.T. Foster Raiders
Raiders (in red) vs Cobras
The Cobras won this one by a wide margin. Top scorers in the game were Cobras Emily with 12 points and teammates Kayla and Kiana with 10 points each.

Game 4: STM Dragons vs FPW Flyers
Dragons (in red) vs Flyers (Olivia Citrigno with the ball)
St. Michael's Dragons earned a bye in the first round of games due to finishing the SWJHAA regular season in first place.  They won this game against the Flyers by a wide margin, earning a spot in the Final. Top scorer in the game was Dragon Olivia Citrigno with 18 points, followed by Eileen Wolftail with 14 points.  Top scorer for the Flyers was Tenaya Goodstriker with 12 points, followed by Tavin Goodstriker with 11 points.

Game 5: MHHS Hawks vs WCCHS Cobras
Hawks (in white) vs Cobras

The closest game of the tournament so far featured Halton's Hawks squaring off against the Cobras.  Obviously well matched, an early impasse was broken by Beyonce Crowshoe of the Hawks, who scored the first two baskets.  The Hawks were ahead 8-2 at the end of the first quarter.  The score stayed there for a long time into the second quarter until Crowshoe again broke the impasse.  It was 12-5 at the half.  The Cobras narrowed that gap to 16-12 by the end of the third quarter, and kept turning it around at the beginning of the final quarter.  At one point the Cobras were behind by just one point, 16-15.  It was close right to the end, the Cobras behind by only 3 points as the clock was running down, making for an intense finish. The Hawks prevailed, winning the game 23-17 and earning a spot in the Final game.  

Top scorer in the game was Beyonce Crowshoe of the Hawks with 14 points.

Game 6 for Third: WCCHS Cobras vs FPW Flyers
Cobras (in blue) vs Flyers
The Cobras established an early lead in the game for Third place, and built on it throughout.  The Flyers played very well in the third quarter, even outscoring the Cobras by 1, but the Cobras were already well ahead by that point and had a strong final quarter, which was also the Flyers' weakest performance, resulting in a wide margin win for the Cobras.  A well earned Third place for the Cobras.

Top Cobras scorers were Emily with 16 points, Kayla with 14 points, and Kelby with 13 points.  Teraya was top Flyers scorer with 15 points.

Game 7 Final for First:  Dragons vs Hawks
Dragons (in red) vs Hawks
The gym was packed for this one, the SWJHAA A Girls Post Season Final, between two local teams.  It was a low scoring high energy game, with the Hawks trailing slightly from the outset.  The Dragons were up by one basket at the end of the first quarter.  A poor showing in the second quarter cost the Hawks dearly, and it was 15-6 for the Dragons at the half.  The Hawks put forth a major effort near the end of the third, outscoring the Dragons 8-4.  The Dragons surged in the final quarter, and 6 points from Eileen Wolftail put them definitively over the top for the Dragons to win it 28-18.

Dragon Olivia Citrigno with the ball
Top scorer in the game was Dragon Eileen Wolftail with 12 points, followed by teammate Olivia Citrigno with 8 points.

The Dragons and Hawks finished First and Second respectively in the SWJHAA for the 2014.15 season, and were presented with medals for those achievements.  They also finished First and Second respectively at this Post Season tournament and were presented with medals for those achievements.  The Dragons were presented with the SWJHAA Championship banner for the 2014/14 season.

Who was that masked Dragons fan?

Hawks warming up
Dragons warming up
A serious moment with ref Niki McNab
Flyers Tiegan Trotter and LaTeesha Crosschild

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