Thursday, March 26, 2015

Mathletics returns to Canyon School

Shell power engineers Les Lebid and Jim Parker hit a homer with their presentation

Chris Davis

Canyon School kicked off their second annual Mathletics challenge with an assembly on Thursday March 19 that included several guests speakers who spoke to this year's theme of Math in the Real World.  Mathletics will culminate in another Math Projects Fair on Wednesday April 15.

"Last year we had a really good response," explained Canyon School Principal Mrs. Goodreau about the return of the Math Projects Fair.  "We had kids show different currencies, estimation stations, math problems, measurements, and I remember one about would it take more water to fill a bathtub or have a five minute shower, they calculate things like that, anything.  It's math in the real world.

The kick off assembly began with a draw presided over by Assistant Principal Mr. Dietze, who had students help him draw prizes from tickets representing Bronze, Silver, and Gold math certificate recipients.

Guest speakers who explained how they used math and number in their jobs included Shell Waterton power engineers Les Lebid and Jim Parker, Adam Grose from the Pincher Creek Recreation Department, and auctioneer Bob Westrop.

The event concluded with an auction for a pie, a pizza, and for music teacher Candice Janzen, who just might have been wondering what she got herself into.

Outstanding new music teacher Candice Janzen

Canyon School's new music teacher Candice Janzen has been nominated for the Alberta School Boards Association Edwin Parr Outstanding Beginning Teacher Award. She's brand new to teaching and brand new to Pincher Creek, so help her feel welcome!

Mr. Dietze and helpers drawing for prizes

Adam Grose explains the math behind filling the pool
Pie auction
Pizza auction

Seen in the halls at Canyon School:

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