Monday, March 9, 2015

Reflections from the Looking Glass

Rob Bernshaw

Mirror Mirror on the Wall
Who is to Blame for it All

When politicians and their parties
From Grace they Fall.

Who is to Blame for a barrel of oil so low
Is it OPEC or the world economy that is in control

Is it the people that eat the cake
Or is it the billions in taxes that governments take

Is it the person one meets on the street
Or is it the politicians sitting in the ruling parties seat

Who is actually to blame for the mess we find ourselves in
When the same old same old is voted again to win

Who is actually the one to blame
As we roll the dice in life’s game

As the future unfolds before our eyes
Who is the one telling the lies

That the one looking in the Mirror on the Wall
Is the one to actually blame for it All

This poem as written is the musings of Rob Bernshaw
Saturday March 7 2015

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