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Bow Island Rebels win Spud League Peewee B Playoff banner

2014/15 Spud League Peewee Champions - Bow Island Rebels
C. Davis photos/videos
Chris Davis

Minor hockey season came to an end in Pincher Creek on Sunday when the Bow Island Peewee Rebels defeated Pincher Creek's Chinooks in a second 5-4 win to earn the 2014/15 Peewee B Playoff banner.

Some highlights

The Chinooks and the Rebels faced each other for the first of a best-of-three final series at the Bow Island rink on Friday, March 20.  That game went to overtime, with the Rebels achieving a 5-4 win. On Sunday the two teams battled it out at the Pincher rink. Bow Island won it by the same 5-4 score, this time during regulation play.

Cade Ames got the Chinooks off to a great start at Sunday's game by scoring only 25 seconds into the game, assisted by Brayden Scotton.  It was quickly evident that these two teams were very closely matched, with lots of back and forth going on throughout the game.  Brinley Degenstein tied the score for the Rebels at the 14:43 mark, assisted by Roman Cherniak. Ten seconds later Michael Kleinhans-Kaupp scored unassisted for the Chinooks, putting them ahead 2-0.  Several big saves by Rebels goalie Landon Porteous followed.  Then Brinley Degenstein scored again for the Rebels at the 7:08 mark, assisted by Kade Degenstein, tying it 2-2.  The Brinley Degenstein/Roman Cherniak combo did it again with 3:50 remaining in the period, to bring the score to 3-2 Rebels, which is where it stood to the end of the period.  A natural hat trick for Brinley Degenstein. 

Chinooks goalie Wes Krampe
Tristan Blood scored for the Chinooks three minutes into the second period, assisted by Connor Stuckey and Michael Kleinhans-Kaupp, tying the game again, 3-3.  Despite 2 penalties for the Chinooks and three for the Rebels, neither team managed another goal throughout the rest of the second period, which was a little more lead footed in general than the first.

The passing plays exhibited by both of these teams was remarkable throughout.

What looked like another goal for the Chinooks at the 17:50 mark of the third period wasn't, causing a little bit of controversy. Roman Cherniak added an unassisted goal to his record, after many breakaway attempts in the game, to put the Rebels ahead 4-3.  Logan Deley answered that shortly after at the 12:33 mark, assisted by Nico Charette, tying the game again, 4-4.

After that the game went into overdrive.  Huge goaltending efforts from Wes Krampe (Chinooks) and Landon Porteous (Rebels) stopped all attempts for a long stretch.  Penalties started to mount for both teams.  As the clock was running down, it looked like we were in for another overtime game.  However, after hammering the Chinooks net, Brinley Degenstein again came through for the Rebels, scoring his fourth goal of the game, this time assisted by Bodee Weiss, 5-4 Rebels, which stood until the buzzer.

Thus ended a solid season for the Peewee Chinooks, who won 10, lost 3, and tied 3, finishing second to the Rebels during the regular Spud League season.

Chinooks coach Kayne Evans was happy with his team's performance.  "They all played their best, a couple of unlucky bounces, but that's hockey. I am proud of how well they played in the playoffs, it was their best hockey of the year, the way it should be."

The Bow Island Rebels finished their season with both the League and Playoff banners.  They had 11 wins, 2 losses, and 3 ties during the regular season.

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