Thursday, March 19, 2015

Pincher Creek Co-op announces new General Manager Jason Babiuk

Pincher Creek Co-op General Manager Jason Babiuk
"I feel very honoured being appointed to the position in Pincher Creek," said the new Co-op General Manager Jason Babiuk. "I have had a very warm welcoming from some of the management and staff, and different individuals and businesses in Pincher Creek, and around Pincher Creek. It's been great." Babiuk has been in the position of Interim General Manager since the start of 2015, and has been the acting General Manager since Sunday, March 8.

Babiuk has 21 years in retail operations, including Bell Canada and Save-On Foods. He has been with Co-op Retail Systems for approximately five years. This is his first time as a General Manager. "I was highlighted as an individual to go on the General Manager one-to-one training. It's very exciting, there's a lot of accountability, a lot of responsibility, at all times."

"My diligence is toward the membership, and creating a fun atmosphere as I can with staff, and ensuring the viability of the association is always there. Communications is one of the key components in operating a large business. I think it is important as the General Manager to listen to what the staff have to say," Babiuk explained that as he was last with the Central Alberta Co-op in the Red Deer area, and is getting to know his staff here and appreciates their understanding of local information. "As GMs, we might not always know everything, but we have to know where to get information." He says that he is looking forward to developing new relationships, and creating success within the branches of Pincher Creek Co-op.

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