Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Pincher Creek Curling Club Mixed Bonspiel was down to the button

Jessie Nelson photo
Team Strandquist - 1st in A event:  Skip Jeff Strandquist, 3rd- Brenna Draper, 2nd - Chris Matthews, Lead- Kayla Marra

Toni Lucas

The Pincher Creek Curling Club hosted teams from as far away as Calgary in a 2 day mixed curling bonspiel on Friday and Saturday March 6 and 7.  10 teams vied for the best scores in A and B divisions.  "This is really for fun," said organizer Jessie Nelson.  The bonspiel was the chance to paly with mixed gender teams.

Each team played 3 games, without a clear winner, so the competition moved to a point system.  Each team had the opportunity for every member of the team to draw to the button,  an attempt to put their rock as close as possible to the center or 'tee' of the house.  This was part of a cumulative score that was factored in for final placements.  The curling club will have one last funspiel this season, starting March 27.

Jessie Nelson photo
Team Walter Schoenberger - 2nd in A event:  Skip - Walter Schoenberger, 3rd - Scott Maron, 2nd - Leanna Schoenberger. Lead - Ryan Schoenberger

Jessie Nelson photo
Team Nelson - 1st in B event:  Skip- Jessie Nelson, 3rd - Brad Kilkenny, 2nd- Emily Doell, Lead- Courtney Doell

Jessie Nelson photo
Team Rocky Reed - 2nd in B event:   Lead- Pat Friesen, 2nd- Jackie French, 3rd- Brenda Heisler, Skip  Rocky Reed

Dennis Zalasky, Amanda Cyr, Margaret Bignold
T. Lucas photo
Dennis Zalasky, Don Anderberg, Amanda Cyr
T. Lucas photo
Jeff Stranquist, Chris Matthews, Kayle Marra
T. Lucas photo
Ruth Doell, Rick Clark
T. Lucas photo

Ruth Doell
 Ryan Schoenberger, Scott Maron, Leanna Schoemberge
T. Lucas photo

 Ryan Schoenberger

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