Sunday, March 15, 2015

St. Michael's school bus loading zone proposal close to being finalized

Toni Lucas

The issue of the proposed widening of the St. Michael's School bus loading zone was addressed at Pincher Creek Town Council at their regular meeting of March 9, 2015. St. Michael's School made a request to Town Council in December 2014 to have to have the Town of Pincher Creek assist in the implementation of a school bus loading zone to coincide with the St. Michael's modernization project. The improved loading zone is intended to help traffic flow during high traffic times and to increase student safety. Council agreed to have administration respond to the Holy Spirit Catholic School Board to let them know that they do agree to the request to assist in the costs of developing the proposed school bus loading zone under certain stipulations:

1.) That the Town of Pincher Creek enter into an agreement with Fortis Alberta for the relocation of a wooden power pole in front of St. Michael's School for an amount of no more than $3,330.11 plus GST. Holy Spirit School board is to cover any costs for that relocation over and above that.

2.) That the school division provide any land required to develop the loading zone without charge to the Town of Pincher Creek, to develop the bus loading zone as outlined in the Ferrari Westwood Babits Architect plan.

3.) That the school division pay for the costs of removing and replacing fencing in that part of of the project.

4.) That the Town of Pincher Creek will construct the school bus loading zone according to the design in the Ferrari Westwood Babits Architect plan to the Town's own published standards, including all concrete and asphalt.

Councillor Doug Thornton said "We sure don't want to stand in the way of expansion of this school, but we do want to keep our costs... under control." Thornton said that both Canyon School and Matthew Halton School provided the land to develop their bus loading zones. Thornton would have liked to see a maximum town expenditure of $60,000. He said that amount is 25% more than the cost of implementing paving and sidewalk at the recently imporved Canyon School bus loading zone. "I just want to have some kind of a limit. If it comes down to be more, we've already got more than that in the budget. Just because it's in the budget, I don't think we should necessarily spend it, unless we need to."

Mayor Don Anderberg said "It's got to go out to tender, anyway".  He said that the Town and the school board are not the only ones that are entering into this agreement. There will be Fortis, and the logistics to work out with other contractors on site who are doing the modernization. "Everyone working together, I think we can make this happen."

Thornton said "The key to me for this is that it goes to our published standards, and not the architect. It's our project".

Council voted unanimously to directed administration to respond to the Holy Spirit School Division with the above proposal.

The next Regular Meeting of Pincher Creek Town Council is scheduled for 6:00 pm Monday, March 23, 2015.

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