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2015 Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon well attended

Town and MD working together; Kristen George, Diane Burt-Stuckey, Tara Cryderman, and Janene Day served volunteers
T. Lucas photos
Toni Lucas

The combined Town of Pincher Creek and MD of Pincher Creek Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon happened at the Community Hall on Friday, April 17. Anyone who volunteers in any capacity in and around town was welcome to attend this free event.  Organizer Kristen George was very happy with the turnout estimated to be approximately 235 people. "I helped out last year, just setting up and cleaning up, and this year I was the organizer," she said of the annual event. "Everyone always looks forward to seeing each other and visiting with each other. It's always hard to say how many people attended, but the seats were filled, and I saw a lot of happy people. there is such great community involvement here. There are so many groups involved in so many things."

FCSS Coordinator David Green acted as Master of Ceremonies for the event, introducing MLA Pat Stier, Reeve Brian Hammond, Mayor Don Anderberg, presenters for the Friends of the Library, Community Conversation on Learning, and presenters for the Lundbreck Citizen Awards.

MLA Pat Stier and Mayor Anderberg
Pat Stier

"Folks, volunteering is the foundation of any community, said Pat Stier, incumbent Wildrose MLA for Livingstone-Macleod. "I am always amazed by all the people who put out so much time and effort for the benefit of everyone. Congratulations to all the people that are working so hard. Thanks so much for making me feel so welcome here, every time I attend."

Reeve Brian Hammond

Reeve Brian Hammond

"Volunteers are the folks that get things done in a community, said Reeve Brian Hammond. "They are happy to make a commitment, and sometimes even happier if there are not too many rules getting in the way of what they are doing. They get things done because they have the interest, talent and ability enthusiasm, energy and the willingness to make the necessary commitment to make the goal." Hammond spoke of the number of people working individually and collectively to achieve their goals and the satisfaction of accomplishment of their goals, and having participated. "To all those in our community young and old in this community that seek willingly to offer their time and talent of projects that they perceive as important, and add value to the community rest assured that your efforts do not go unrecognized."

Mayor Don Anderberg

"Over one hundred volunteer groups have a direct impact on our community, everyday," stated Mayor Don Anderberg. "They offer a wide variety of services and events, ranging from supporting health care to planning parades." Anderberg mentioned a few of the many ways people volunteer from sports to helping organize fund raisers on health issues. "Thank you to all of you for volunteering and contributing in the well-being and betterment of our community... It makes Pincher Creek a better place to live, work and play." He expressed his pride in the community by saying "I believe we are second to none in the province when it comes to the level and commitment of our volunteers and it shows. Your efforts are appreciated and so necessary to make our community the great place it is."

Lundbreck Senior Citizen of the Year Agnes Thibert
Lundbreck Citizen Awards presented

Two Lundbreck Citizens of the Year Awards were presented. Kim Hurst was presented with the Lundbreck Citizen of the year, and Agnes Thibert was presented with Lundbreck Senior Citizen of the Year Award.

Library Board Chair Sandra Baker
Friends of the Library

Friends of the Library had a presentation was lead by Library Manager Janice Day and Chair of the Library Board Sandra Baker. Speaking abut the Friends of the Library, Baker said "Our group has been active for the last 25 years, and has raised over $400,000 for us." She ended by saying "On behalf of the board, and our staff, and the board and staff for the past 25 years, I would like to say a really, really big thank you to this group of these fine citizens for their energy and devotion." Day added that there are still two original members actively participating with this group, named many of those that are involved, and asked if anyone that was in attendance who was involved with the group now or previously to stand up. Day said "We thank them, and wish success to this group far into the future."

Library Manager Janice Day
FCSS Coordinator David Green

FCSS Coordinator David Green announced the community that the Pincher Creek Community Services Directory was completed an online at both the Town of Pincher Creek and MD of Pincher Creek websites and praised Kristen George for the effort she had put into the project. He thanked the many people involved in making the day a a success, and invited people to stop at the many booths that lined the room that were set up to tell more about the organizations that are located in our area.     To download the guide onto your computer from the MD of Pincher Creek website click here.

Anne Dyck, Rosaleen Berger and BJ Scott told people about the Cancer Relay for Life fundraiser scheduled for September 19 from 11 am to 11 pm.

Caorol Berridge welcomed people to volunteer at Crestview Lodge

Leny Mace and Joyce McFarlandtalked about the programs and events at Huddlestun Senior Centre

Ron Sekella invited people to join Citizens on Patrol

Ken Neumann represented the Elks and informed people about the 23 day long Wild Pink Yonder Breast Cancer Awareness horse ride fundraiser that is scheduled to come through Pincher Creek August 10.  He invited people to help Pincher Creek become 'The Pinkest Little Town in the West' for the day.

Evan Berger talking with Louis Patterson

Football Boosters Dan Crawford and Faith Zachar talked about the upcoming Stampeders visit during the Stamps Camp Training Days on May 8-9.

Weldon Vickers said that they Windsor Heritage Drop-in Centre was looking for members.

Joyce McFarland and Leny Mace find out more about Annual Purina Walk for Dog Guides May 30 at Henderson Lake in Lethbridge, Alberta from Earl and Marion Johnson.

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