Thursday, April 9, 2015

A Voice with nothing to say?

Pieter Vander Valk

The Editor:

A quietude of platitudes: A Voice with nothing to say

Did the Voice miss the announcement last Tuesday? And those who have in past posts had points to raise, criticism to make, advice to dispense, questions to ask or frustrations to vent, where have they gone? The single most important and critical process of democracy, an election, has been called!

In less than 30 days we can, if we so choose, voice our opinion on how Alberta should be governed. And just as importantly, we can examine the past and proposals for the future from various parties, discuss these with our fellow constituents and candidates, voice our opinions and reactions and otherwise become involved in the process of democratically deciding our collective futures. At the very least we can seek to be informed to enable our choice on election day.

Similarly, an important role of local media can be to foster that examination of options for the examination of the needs and wants the Pincher Creek community seeks from its provincial government in the larger Alberta context. Editorial and opinion pieces can be a proactive approach to encourage discussion and examination of alternatives.

The role of the media in political processes can be difficult but that is not reason to abstain!

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