Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Broadband steering committee membership to remain unchanged

Toni Lucas

The Town of Pincher Creek Broadband Steering Committee met on the same day as regular Town Council meeting on Monday, April 13. Town Council discussed the feasibility of revising the Broadband Steering Committee to include two members of the public, and having knowledgeable advisers come in to offer information on the technology. Current committee members councillors Doug Thornton and Adrian Hartman felt that at this time it would be premature to invite members at large on the committee. Mayor Don Anderberg agreed and said "Once we have the information, the numbers, and the plan, then we can formulate if we are going ahead, and at that time strike an operating committee." Advertising for and appointing new members is a process that may take 4 to 6 weeks.

Councillor Thornton said "the committee would like the ability to invite knowledgeable people to come and advise us on different things, so we are not just listening to one set of information to help us with the questions that we may need to ask." Thornton said that none of the current members are involved in that technological field and they would like to gather more information. "People in that business may require some remuneration, and our terms of reference indicate that we would come back to council and ask for, if there was a cost, in mileage for someone to come to speak to us, we would have to come back to council and ask for that." Mayor Anderberg said that as for inviting advisers, there was a procedure for in the current terms of reference of the committee. Thornton also mentioned that there has been a partial report issued from the engineer. Council unanimously voted to maintain the memberships as currently outlined in the Broadband Steering Committee terms of reference. Currently The Broadband Business Plan Study has an approved budget of $50,000.

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