Friday, April 24, 2015

Caleb Evans to travel to Montreal for international La Dictée PGL finals

Caleb Evans

Chris Davis

St. Michael's School French Immersion student Caleb Evans will be representing Southern Alberta in the 2015 International La Dictée PGL French dictation/spelling finals in Montreal. Participants will go on a group excursion around Montreal on Saturday May 23 and the competition is to be held on Sunday May 24, according to Caleb's dad Kayne.

"I'm really excited, actually," said Caleb.  "I'm really looking forward to seeing Old Montreal, I have heard that it's really nice there, and really cool."

"Our hotel is 2 kilometers from where the Montreal Canadiens play, so my dad and I were maybe planning to go there, if I had time. You can even take a tour of the arena."  Caleb is also a Pincher Creek Chinooks hockey player.

St. Michael's French Immersion teacher Dominique Plouffe-Chandler was understandably excited for her charge. "Its and extraordinary opportunity." She said Caleb's expenses for the trip will be paid for.  Approximately 80 students from around the world participated last year.

"He's representing southern Alberta, French Immersion, because there is a Francophone component, then the French Immersion, or French as a second language."

"He has already received a medal for the achievement of representing southern Alberta French Immersion Schools."

Grade 5 and 6 students competed to represent St. Michael's, and Caleb won. "From then, he entered a provincial competition, but then at the Provincial level, there is southern Alberta and northern Alberta, Francophone, and French Immersion, and he won his category, earning a spot in the international competition.  "Yes, it is exciting," said Plouffe-Chandler.

According to Caleb, a Dictée is "almost like a spelling competition, but they read to you a story, then you have to copy it down, on paper."

From La Dictée PGL's website:  "Launched in 1990 and currently sponsored by the Desjardins Movement, La Dictée P.G.L. Project is an international dictation competition which is open to young people from kindergarten to the second year of secondary school, for both francophone students and those in French as a second language classes. The project’s activities promote the learning of French in schools, while at the same time raising the students’ awareness of international realities and the importance of protecting the environment. It also broadens their appreciation of solidarity and sharing between nations."

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