Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Councillor Wayne Elliott appointed to Splash Park Committee

Toni Lucas

During the regular meeting of Town of Pincher Creek Town Council on Monday, April 13 Jennifer Draper appeared as a delegation before council representing the Splash Park Committee.  Draper requested that Councillor Wayne Elliott sit on the Splash Park Committee.  When asked why councillor Elliott specifically, Draper said that he has been involved in the project 'from the beginning'.  Draper said that Elliot could act as a liaison  the council and the committee.

Draper updated council on the actions of the committee.  She said that there have been two public meetings, she spoke about the public support that the newly formed committee has been receiving, and current partnerships, including the Pincher Creek Summer Games Committee.  One of the hurdles that the group is facing is that they are not set up to handle funds.  Draper requested that the Town of Pincher Creek handle funds for the project.

Town CFO Wendy Catonio was available to speak to council and said that if the Town of Pincher Creek was to fully take over the funds and have an account specifically for this project then the Town could offer tax deductible receipts for donations, but added that the more standard route was to work with an established not-for-profit that was capable of issuing receipts.

Later during the same meeting it was voted unanimously to have councillor Elliott officially join the Splash Park Committee.  Council decided to wait before deciding on the request to handle the funds for the group.

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