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Crestview Lodge highlights for March 2015

Greetings from Crestview Lodge

March was a very interesting and exciting month for all of us here at Crestview. On the 5th we were excited to go see David Halton speak about his new book. The book was about David’s dad, Matthew Halton’s time reporting of the news overseas during WWll. David is a fantastic speaker and kept us engaged in his stories of his dad and growing up in Pincher Creek. We especially enjoyed hearing Matthew Halton’s voice being played as he was broadcasting his report of the war across the nation. It brought back memories for many residents and even more so for the one’s that knew the Halton family. It was a fascinating evening and completely enjoyed by all who attended.

St. Patrick’s Day was fun with a mystery auction! We all had play money to spend with. The items up for bid were hidden in brown paper lunch bags. We were only given one hint as to what the item was and were not allowed to see it until someone bought it with their play money. It was so much fun finding out our surprises, that we were hurting from laughing so hard. Thank you to our volunteers that day Linda Findlater and Sylvia Barbero.

That evening we had the Spring Glen Dancers come to dance for us. This year they had even more girls in their dance program. The costumes were beautifully made and wonderful to see in action. During the program they had different girls dance. What a wonderful job each girl did with their dancing. We are very thankful that they bless us each year with their program.

Our Birthday Party was on the 20th. Barry Kreick of Checkmate was our entertainment. We do enjoy having Barry come play for us. Barry plays a lot of 70’s classics and country songs. He has a wonderful voice and we always have a great time when he come to entertain us.

Coffee at Vista Village on the 25th. Vista Village is always a fantastic place to go visit. Our favorite friends are waiting to see us and are always greeted with such warmth. I think this time we ended up staying longer than usual since we could not stop chatting and catching up on news from our friends.

The 26th we had some interesting visitors. Gina Parker and her daughter Cheyenne brought us some baby chicks for us to see. These chicks were absolutely unique. The chicks were not yellow! They were Blue American and they were grey and very big for only being 2 weeks old. This was a wonderful treat for us as most resident didn’t know anything about this breed of chicken or that they lay green eggs. These chicks were so tame from Gina’s children always handling them that they slept in our hands for most of the visit, which made it easier for everyone to see and touch the chicks. Thanks so much for the visit Gina and Cheyenne, it was a very wonderfully educational and fun for all of us.

Crestview Lodge had a special announcement on the 27th. We are getting a NEW LODGE! The residents were shocked and excited about the news. Now that it has sunk in, the residents can’t wait and are really wanting to get things rolling. Hurry! Hurry! Let the building begin!

Later that evening we had our Pub Night. Bob Davis and his son came to entertain us. We love to have Bob come, he always plays the old country we love. We had even more Special Guesst join us this evening. Barry from Checkmate loves our enthusiasm and he wanted to come join us for Pub night since Barry and his wife will be in town at that time. Barry was asked to join in the jam with Bob and boy it really turned out fantastic! Then we also had some wonderful dancers come join us. John Gamble from Lundbreck, Laurie Glen and Norm Hilbert from Pincher Creek, joined by their teachers Gordy and Mary Bayes from Burmis. Gordy and Mary had company Donna and Lenard from Coaldale joined in also. It was fun to watch them dance. It made the night even more delightful. We do hope they come again!

We would also like to thank Earl Shields for donating his time for the men’s Discussion hour/ club. Earl also donated to us a carpet bocce game which we adapted to our pool table so it’s easier for the seniors here to play. Thanks Earl!

TaTa for now!

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