Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Earth Day at Pincher Creek Meats

Front: Nora Manners, Russ Friesen, Shellie Byers, Tony Bruder

Toni Lucas

On Wednesday, April 22, Earth Day was celebrated internationally and by some in Pincher Creek.  It was was highlighted at Pincher Creek Meats with partial proceeds from their luncheon special going toward the Waterton Biosphere Reserve and local conservation efforts.  To further celebrate the area, the luncheon special featured locally produced Springridge Ranch yak-cross meat.

Grant Byers, Karen Tompkins, Collette Van Gilder, Amanda Erickson
Waterton Biosphere Reserve Executive Director Nora Manners and Tony Bruder of the Carnivore Working Group were on hand to explain their purposes and to demonstrate a bear proof door, one way that the Biosphere is improving safety at farms and ranches where food is raised, grown, and stored by making these places less attractive or accessible to predators.

Shellie Byers and Nora Manners at bear proof door
The new owners of Pincher Creek Meats, Grant and Shellie Byers, said that this was a good way to support local producers, showcasing the rich diversity that is produced in the area, and giving back to those that are stewards of the land on Earth Day.

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