Monday, April 20, 2015

Fire call in Pincher Creek (updated)

C. Davis/T. Lucas

Updated with new information

Pincher Creek Emergency Services (PCES) and RCMP responded to a report of a structure fire across Highway 6 from the Sleepy Hollow trailer park Sunday, April 19 just after 11:00 pm.  The scene was in the wrap up stages by 11:30 pm and all responding PCES units were back at the Pincher Creek station by approximately 13:30 am April 20.

PCES Chief Dave Cox said that the owners of a home in Stewart Crescent were in attendance when someone alerted them to the fire that started on the roof of the house. They used a garden hose to wet down the area and put out the flames before the PCES made it on scene. Engine crews arrived in engines 11 and 15, and stayed on site to make sure the fire was completely out. Chief Cox said the fire damage was contained to the roof, and there was water damage that was was relatively minor. There were no reported injuries.

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