Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March fun at Crestview Lodge

Ray with his prize sock coin purse
Charmaine Tienkamp

We had some great fun at Crestview in March.

The residents enjoyed a mystery auction. They had play money to spend on items up for auction. Each item was concealed in a brown paper bag so they would not be able to identify what the sale item was. They were given one hint as to what the item may be. The only way they could see the item is if someone bought it. Ray won a baby sock coin purse for $50.00 in play money.  The hint was every one uses one just not in this particular shape.  Barb won a pair of Canadian socks. It was a good laugh and great fun. Thank you to our auctioneer Silvia and banker Linda. The residents can't wait for the surprises at the next auction.

Linda and Silvia

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