Wednesday, April 15, 2015

MD of Pincher Creek approves extra funding for new cameras at Public Works dumpster

MD of Pincher Creek Public Works dumpster (April 14)
C. Davis photos
Chris Davis

At their April 14 meeting Council for the MD of Pincher Creek No. 9 approved the installation of two new surveillance cameras at the Public Works dumpsters location, at the recommendation of Director of Operations Leo Reedyk. The purpose of the cameras is to help identify people who are not authorized to use the dumpsters (which are intended for MD ratepayers only), and those who leave materials that are not permitted at the site, in particular large items such as construction material, mattresses, televisions, beds, etc.  The dumpsters in question are located on Macleod Street/Highway 785 between the MD Administration building and Public Works facilities.

Council had already included $5,000 for surveillance cameras in the 2015 budget. According to Reedyk's report to council, three security system providers were contacted last year "to get information on their products and probable costs". Of those, "Pinnacle Security Ltd was able to provide a quality product at a reasonable rate and were selected to provide a quote for the scope approved in the 2015 budget."

Reedyk said that on-site testing was conducted and the cameras provided enough coverage "to confirm who deposits unapproved material" and "have enough clarity that vehicle license plates can be read" to assist in enforcement of the Municipality's waste bylaws", which he later explained were currently under review. In response to Reeve Brian Hammond's expressed concern about the effectiveness of the current bylaws, a concern that seemed to be shared by all members of council. Hammond said the existing bylaw didn't address the issues and possible repercussions enough.  "Because when people see a new installation you're going to expect some response, at least I would hope that that's the message we're going to send if we spend this kind of money putting those cameras in."

Councillor Terry Yagos wondered if a camera might be necessary at the MD's dumpster at Pincher Station.

"Public education is really what we're setting out to do," said councillor Fred Schoening.  "In order to educate people sometimes there has to be a consequence," said councillor Schoening.

Reedyk explained that the existing bylaw imposes a maximum $100 fine for illegal dumping, adding that the new bylaw currently being drafted calls for slightly steeper fines.

Reedyk said that reducing the volume of waste could result in significant savings, explaining the MD pays approximately $180,000 a year in tipping fees at the Crowsnest/Pincher Creek Landfill, and an additional $60,000 is paid to the waste removal contractor for transportation.

The quote received from Pinnacle was for $6,532, over the $5,000 budgeted, and there will be an additional "small cost associated with mounting the necessary electrical junction box on the existing electrical service on the wind fence".

Council unanimously approved the additional costs of the project.

Old cameras, due to be replaced

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