Monday, April 13, 2015

Out and About (scenery) January to early April, 2015

Blood Moon April 4 - Shellie Byers photo
High Wind Advisory signage now operational on Highways 22 and 3:

Westbound on Highway 3 at Lundbreck
High Wind Advisory signage is now operational on Highways 3 and 22.  The warning lights on the signs are activated when wind gusts exceed 80 km/hr.  One sign is located on Highway 3 westbound adjacent to Lundbreck, another is on Highway 3 eastbound west of Highway 22 (which also indicates wind speed).  On Highway 22 there is a sign for northbound travellers near the Livingstone Hutterite Colony, one for southbound travellers north of Maycroft, and there is also a sign located near Black Diamond and at the intersection of Highway 22 and Highway 540 (which links Highway 22 to Highway 2 north of Cayley).

Eastbound on Highway 3 west of Highway 22

Northbound on Highway 22 near Livingstone Hutterite Colony

Southbound on Highway 22 south of Maycroft

Late January near Cowley:
Gerry and Dorothy Smith photos

Gerry and Dorothy Smith photo
Gerry and Dorothy Smith photo

Late winter/early spring:

Easter sign in Lundbreck
Rolling in
T. Lucas photo
The MCC Arena is a chill place to be
T. Lucas photo
T. Lucas photo
Cowley Ridge - C. Davis photo
Tree in Lethbridge - T. Lucas photo
East of Pincher Creek - T. Lucas photo
East of Pincher Creek - T. Lucas photo
Minnows at Bobby Burns Fish Park in Pincher Creek - T. Lucas photo
C. Davis photo
Icicles at the Pincher Creek Curling Club
T. Lucas photo

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