Thursday, April 9, 2015

PCES responds to shop fire south of Pincher Creek

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Chris Davis

Updated at 10:32 am, April 9, 2015

Pincher Creek Emergency Services (PCES) responded this morning to a structure fire approximately 6 km south of Pincher Creek, adjacent to Highway 6.  PCES was on scene at approximately 6:30 am and were in the final stages of mopping up at 9:10 am.  They returned to station at 10:20 am. A large workshop (barn-like in size) was demolished by the blaze.  According to the homeowner, a passerby alerted him to the fire at approximately 6:00 am.  He removed a vehicle from the structure (not believed to be the ignition source) which also sustained damage.

There were no injuries.

The cause of the fire is undetermined.

C. Davis photo
One of those fighting the fire, seen dressed in yellow in the photos and video accompanying this article, is an EMT student with Lakeland College, in town on an ambulance practicum, who also has had firefighting training, "So he got an opportunity to work on a fire as well," said PCES Chief Dave Cox.

PCES responded with engines 11 and 31, a tender, an ambulance, and a command vehicle.  The MD of Pincher Creek No. 9 provided a water truck.

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