Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Informative septic systems workshop

Janet Barkwith asks Chad Widmer questions about soils
Toni Lucas

The MD of Pincher Creek hosted a free waste water and septic systems workshop at the Heritage Inn on Monday evening, April 20 at the Heritage Inn. Chad Widmer from Soilworx focused his presentation on how to choose, install, and keep a septic system healthy, and well maintained. "We focused on a few different things. One was protecting our resources, specifically our water aquifers, and being environmentally responsible with our septic systems. The other focus was more on the process of the new regulations, what the process is to get a new system installed, or your site evaluated, and the maintenance side of keeping your system working well."

Widmer said that he did focus his presentation based on the people who attended. "As well,  the process of getting a new septic system, however, most of the people here obviously already have their systems so I try to tailor it more to maintaining, and looking for signs of failure, and making sure we are being responsible with what we are putting in the ground."

During the 1.5 hour presentation Widmer stressed the importance of maintaining a healthy system whether it is newly installed or decades old.  After the presentation he invited the group to come look at bins of various soil samples to have a better understanding of their own land.  He said that "Soils are absolutely the most important factor when it comes to proper treatment of effluent coming from our waste water."

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