Saturday, April 25, 2015

St. Michael's holds 2015 Science Fair

Science Fair participants
D. Plouffe photo

Chris Davis

The Dale Wentz Memorial Gymnasium was the site of St. Michael's School's 2015 Science Fair on Wednesday, April 22.

First of all, my apologies to the projects I didn't get a chance to see properly:
  • Does sight affect peoples taste? - Jacey McRae and Kaylee Hann
  • Does hand washing matter? - Hannah and Daniel Alexander
  • Seeing what we can't see - Leah Smith
  • What makes popcorn pop? - Isabel Litchfield
  • Why does the power go out? - Wyatt Barfuss
  • Clouds - Presley Lejan and Jillian Wallin-LeBlanc
  • Parachutes - Nathan Tanner, Avery
And here are some of the projects I got a chance to investigate:

How does dish soap work? - Zoelle Lessard
Zoelle Lessard explained that by pouring paint or something in milk "You can see the reaction."

"There's more fat, if there's more reaction."  She used three different kinds of milk.  The answer? The fat is attracted to the soap, and everything else is repelled.

Peter Van Bussell's detailed Testing acids and bases with red cabbage
How to build a boat for stability and mobility - Amelia Van Bussell
An elegantly simple solution.

Quicksand - McKinney Ettenhofer
Couldn't get near this booth, like the popcorn booth it was packed until closing time.

Blobs in a bottle - Ethan Patterson
A fun effect.

Why does vinegar dissolve an eggshell? - Sarah McClelland
This local egg farmer is serious about the science.

Sienna Poulsen making rainbows
This exhibit was somewhat hampered by the bright lights of the gymnasium, but was nonetheless effective and very well presented.

Why  does my bagel shrink in the microwave? - Clayton Barfuss
I always wondered.

How to make electricity with wind turbines - Nelson Gibson
Highly relevant local topic.

Magnets with Jasper and Megan Bruder
Magnetic drama!

Growing from kitchen leftovers - Eric Radvak
 Healthy looking plants, Eric.

Flower Power - Miranda Donovan (flowers drinking food colouring)
Superb layout!

What makes birds of prey good hunters? - Cordelia Craig
I'm thinking there's a bigger story here.

Dish soap experiment - Zoelle Lessard
Dish soap experiment - Zoelle Lessard
Emery Patterson's volcano can be seen in action in the video up top.

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