Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Vacant Main Street house to be demolished to make way for Town's community housing initiative

House on Main Street slated for demolition
Toni Lucas

On Monday, April 27, 2015 the council for the Town of Pincher Creek voted to receive information regarding the demolition of the house at 655 Main Street as presented.  Mayor Don Anderberg said "We made an offer to purchase on a piece of property just to the west of the old RCMP building. It's a house, and that house is now vacant, and because it is not rentable we are going to demolish the house." This demolition is in accordance with the Town of Pincher Creek Housing Committee's ongoing community housing initiative.  The property is next door to the old RCMP building on Main Street, which is also a potential part of the housing initiative.

Projected costs for demolition has been obtained from various sources and is anticipated to be approximately $4,536 to be funded  from the affordable  housing capital project  fund.

Councillor Doug Thornton asked, "So there is a contractor ready to do this?"  CAO Laurie Wilgosh indicated that there was.  The demolition process is anticipated to be completed within 48 hours of start time barring any unforeseen circumstances arising and will be slated for demolition within 60 days of approval.

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