Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Y-Camp prescribed fire in Waterton Lakes National Park

Update April 21, 2015: Today, fire managers will begin to ignite a 1200 hectare “Y-Camp” burn
unit. It is east of the Waterton River, south of Hwy 5/6, between Chief
Mountain Highway and where the Lower Waterton Lake meets the Dardanelles
(see map). Ignition operations may take up to two days.

Parks Canada

April 10, 2015

Original release:

Parks Canada staff are in the final stages of preparation for the Y-Camp Prescribed Fire. Small-scale burning along the fire guards began in March and will continue over the next week. When fire management resources are in place and the predetermined conditions are met relating to weather, predicted fire behaviour and smoke management, ignition of the entire area will proceed. These conditions may present themselves as early as the next week.

Significant preparations are made to minimize risk by creating fire guards and burning only in conditions that allow the fire to be controlled and contained within identified boundaries, and which minimize the amount and duration of smoke affecting neighbouring lands. Managing the effects of smoke is an important part of implementing a prescribed fire.

If you have a serious smoke-related health issue, we will notify you when we plan to light the prescribed fire. Please contact Janice Smith, Communications Officer at 403-859-5127 to be added to our Smoke Alert contact list.

Parks Canada’s prescribed fire program is supporting Canada’s National Conservation Plan, making tangible improvements to the environmental health of these special places. This is done by bringing fire back to the landscape under planned circumstances.

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