Sunday, May 10, 2015

2015 Mother's Day Tea at Vista Village

^ Rocky Mountain Fiddlers at Vista Village - Sally Woodard, Blair Amundsen, Mary Cote, Anne Elle, and Caroline Johnson

Toni Lucas

Vista Village held their annual Mother's  Day Tea on Friday, May 9, in Pincher Creek.  Residents and visitors were treated to the musical stylings of the Rocky Mountain Fiddlers, strawberry shortcake, games, and good conversation.

The dining room at Vista Village
T. Lucas photos
Recreation and Volunteer Coordinator Mel Walker said "Mothers are special.  Think of all they mean to us." They held a trivia game designed to salute the moms who live on site, start conversations, and get residents to know each other a little better.

^ Gerttie Kettles is 97 and has two living sons.  She was married to Jim Kettles, descendant of one of the original Northwest Mounted Police officers that helped found the town.  She said "I had a wonderful marriage.  The boys come pretty often to visit me." 

^ Hanna Emes, Andrea Smyth, and Caroline Smyth were three generations of women celebrating together.  Hanna moved to Pincher Creek from Peace River to be nearer her family.

Ferol Davis
^ Ferol Davis has 3 children, 7 grandchildren, and 4 great grandchildren.  She said that for her first child she read books on how to raise children.  Later she started to trust her own instincts, common sense, and a level head rather than books written by authors that had never met her children. She said of her family "Not a one of them have been in jail or did drugs, or anything.  They turned out good and I'm proud of them."

^ One table had four generations celebrating together - Carlye Oullette, Caliber Oullette, Holly Oullette, and Lorraine Bruder.

Live carnations were being sold by Allan Kristinson who was raising money for the Multiple Sclerosis Society and raising awareness for a fundraising walk that will take place in Lethbridge on Saturday April 30. They also graced the tables and were given to moms toward the end of the event.

Happy Mothers Day.

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