Wednesday, May 6, 2015

2015 soccer season kicks into high gear

Pincher Creek U12 #2

Crowsnest U12 Avalanche

Joey Jackson and Chris Davis

The 2015 soccer season began in earnest last week.  Almost every field in town has been full in the evenings with teams of all ages practicing and playing games.  The turnout has been quite good, with Pincher Creek fielding multiple teams at some levels.  The weather also has been favourable, a blessing during this often damp transition period between spring and summer.  Here's a peek at some of the action over the course of the last week.  For soccer schedules, click this link.

Photos C. Davis and J. Jackson

Two of the U12 Pincher Creek soccer teams (Pincher 1 and Pincher 3) faced off  at the Ag Grounds Field in Pincher Creek on Wednesday April 29 for the first game of their soccer season.

While nothing huge was expected from the first game or this age group there was still some impressive play from the kids that have been playing for a while or who have just started. The game ended in a 0-0 tie but that doesn't mean there weren't any close calls, there were a few missed chances,a few hitting the post, and Reese Sinclair missing high over the goal with a close in strike. What was most impressive throughout the game was the strength of the drop kicks coming from this age group, both the orange and blue pincher teams rotating goalies from both halves were able to drop kick the ball half the soccer field multiple times, making it hard for either team to have an advantage after the goalies secured the ball.

The same evening, the Pincher 2 U12 team hosted the Crowsnest Avalanche at the Pool Field in Pincher Creek.  Pincher Creek's athletes put in a solid effort, but the Avalanche won 6-1.

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