Friday, May 8, 2015

Albertans have spoken

Rob Bernshaw photo, May 6, 2015
Rob Bernshaw, Letter to the Editor

Fear knocked on the door, Faith along with Hope opened it and found Change beckoning one forward.

Whatever word or terminology that can or would be used, there is one word that could possibly describe the recent events unfolding on the political stage during the past year here in Alberta and that word is unprecedented.

Definition of unprecedented taken from the world wide web.
  1. never done or known before. 
History was changed forever on Tuesday May 5, 2015 here in Alberta after the almost 44 year rule of the Alberta PC dynasty was toppled and people were singing in the streets for joy with happiness and glee.

One could feel change in the air this year as it was an election year that was different than any other election year in recent history. If one could travel back in time to 1971, 1935, 1921 when three other political dynasties were toppled here in Alberta Social Credit, United Farmers and the Liberals in their respective order were toppled, would the change in the air be as palpable as was felt this year in Alberta of 2015?

Definition of palpable taken from world wide web:
  • (especially of a feeling or atmosphere) so intense as to be almost touched or felt.
It is a new day and the sun still set on Tuesday May 5, 2015 and the sun still rose(albeit behind the clouds in some parts of Alberta) on Wednesday May 6, 2015.

It is still the dawning of a new day here in our everyday lives and even though the political landscape has changed dramatically here in Alberta, we will still all go about our daily lives as if nothing has happened as we always do but for all the people that chose to participate in a dramatic and historic event on Tuesday May 5, 2015 by getting out and voting for change.Whether it was in the advance polls or on Alberta Election day Tuesday May 5, 2015 itself, a word is in order for you all. That word is congratulations for getting out, getting involved and participating in an important game changing event, you got out and voted. Everyone give themselves a pat on the back no matter what candidate or party you voted for because all of you were instrumental in voting for changing and having the final say in our democratic process. Your voice was heard around the world loud and clear that democracy is alive and well in the Province of Alberta and the voter is always right. The electorate is the boss and always has the final word whether one likes the outcome or not. If this major victory for the Alberta NDP is not a wake up call to all politicians of every political stripe that we the people have the final say in this democratic process maybe they need to reevaluate why they are in the public service to begin with and quietly step down before they are voted out kicking and screaming and pulled off the political stage with the stage hook of the voting public.

This morning the view outside the window in parts of Alberta probably looked like the photo taken. Alberta is a great place to live, work and play and even though some may view the wintry scene as 'Hell Freezing Over' because the Alberta NDP were elected into the governing parties seat with a sweeping majority. Others will view this as hope in a brighter future for all Albertans no matter what the stripe or belief system.

The view outside the window could be viewed as where are the skis and snowmobile to get out and enjoy the day? Another view not so bright and cheery and that view could be of ‘Hell Freezing Over’ and sinkholes opening up to swallow Alberta whole, because of a political party of whatever stripe becoming the government of the day is very sad indeed. Hopefully as days pass as they always do on our inexorable march to the same end(we all are born and we all will pass away) that people will see a brighter future as we all are still above the grass no matter what climate is outside our windows at the time.
Remember we live in Alberta and the climate whether from mother nature or political in nature is not a constant and can change in an instant and are not interdependent, but are totally independent events with no correlation whatsoever unless in the mind(s) of an individual or individuals that are looking out the window at the time.

Definition of interdependent taken from world wide web
  1. (of two or more people or things) dependent on each other. 
Well Alberta it is a new day and how you choose to experience your day through the window of life could be summed up this way: “Is your glass half full or half empty”.

Congratulations to all the candidates of all political stripes that had the courage to stand up on the public stage and put themselves out there for possible ridicule and public scrutiny.

Congratulations go out to Rachel Notley Premier-elect and all the new NDP MLA’s that will form the new NDP government of the day here in Alberta of 2015. May you keep your vision of Alberta’s future strong and are able to fulfill what you have mentioned to us Albertans in a meaningful and beneficial manner for all Albertans whether they voted Alberta NDP or not and even if they did not vote they are also important in the whole scheme of things going forward.

Congratulations to the Official Opposition the Wildrose Party with Brian Jean as leader may you be as an effective opposition as in previous years.

Congratulations also go out to Liberal Leader David Swann that was able to hold onto his seat amidst the orange crush wave that swept this province on Tuesday May 5, 2015 with a fervor that to some may have been hard to believe and caught many off their A-game.

Congratulations also go out the Alberta Party Leader Greg Clark for being elected into the 30th Alberta Legislature.

Congratulations go out to all the Alberta PC’s that were reelected (3) and for the other 7 new faces that will be part of the opposition side of the house.

Thank you also goes out to all the past MLA’s under former Premier Jim Prentice as well as Jim Prentice himself of the Alberta PC party for the public service that you provide while you were all in office and endeavoring to represent us the taxpayer in sometimes a thankless position of public trust.

May you all go forward pursuing a life on the path that you choose to follow to the future.

Also a note to all political parties considering a possible floor crossing there was not one democratically challenged floor crosser to the Alberta PC side that were reelected on Tuesday May 5, 2015 as all the Wildrose members that crossed the floor in 2014 were punished by the electorate as the voter has the final say always. The voter is always right and do not forget that...

A reminder to all candidates that were elected to the 30th Alberta Legislature you are there for us not the other way around. We the people will always have the final say, our voices will be heard one way or another. Do you want to leave kicking and screaming with the voter’s stage hook around your neck or quietly at the end of the day after doing a great job for us the people. Maybe take an example from the pages of Norway and the way they have been governing over the years of being there for the people always in everything they do and in their fiscal stewardship to benefit the people not the government.

Congratulations also go out the voter that took part in an historic event Alberta Style and had their say in the democratic process and in the outcome of the Alberta 2015 election. The massive turnout voting day shows that the voter is not afraid of change and have proved it in the results. Like the saying goes ‘the proof is in the pudding’ Substitute vote for pudding and we have the unprecedented results obtained in Alberta on Tuesday May 5, 2015

There was a higher turnout to the 2015 Alberta Election than has happened in decades which is great as the more people that get out to have their voice heard that shows democracy works here still in Alberta of 2015.

Now let us all go out and celebrate a brand new day of change and being above the grass no matter what it is covered in.

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