Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Chamber welcomes Chinese students to Pincher Creek

Chinese exchange students at Canyon School with Chamber's Lieve Parisis
The Pincher Creek and District Chamber of Commerce surprised the 6 Chinese Grade 5/6 students at Canyon School last week by presenting them each with a ‘Let the wind take you to Pincher Creek’ painting t-shirt from their Wind Fun & More Store. The Chamber thought it would be a fun craft as well as a nice souvenir for them to take back to China on June 18th.

Their Chinese teacher Gloria gave them the opportunity to paint their t-shirts in one of her classes. They did a great job! The results are amazing. 

These six 11-year old Chinese students, as well as their teacher, arrived in Pincher Creek on March 18 for a homestay program hosted by Canyon School. The 2 main purposes of their stay are to improve their knowledge of the English language and to absorb as much of our Canadian culture as possible during their 3 month stay.

The Chamber wishes the students and their teacher a wonderful continuation of their stay in our beautiful community! We hope that they will go home with a memory bag filled with all their new ‘Canadian’ experiences as well as tons of new English words so they will remember Pincher Creek for a long time to come.

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