Sunday, May 10, 2015

Introducing new Pincher Creek SASG Regional Director Claire Johnson

Pincher Creek SASG Regional Director Claire Johnson
Toni Lucas

"I'm truly excited to be able to help and facilitate our community for the SASG (Southern Alberta Summer Games)," said the new Pincher Creek SASG Regional Director Claire Johnson.  Johnson will be helping people from Pincher Creek who want to participate, and will act as a liaison between this community and the host community of Claresholm Alberta for the games that will take place July 8 - 11.  "I'm a huge fan of anything that involves fitness and social involvement and just participation," said Johnson.  "I love sports, and our community did such a great job of hosting it last year, and I want to help continue it.  It is great also for my school."  Johnson has been studying Management at the University of Lethbridge since graduating from Matthew Halton High School two years ago.

"Last year we had done so great, and we won the games as a community. So we have the skills."

Johnson said there is a wide range of people who participate in the games.  "This is a chance for them to come forward and help represent this community, have a great start to the summer,  and also have a ton of fun."  

Johnson has an inside view of the games as a past participant.  "I have played soccer at the summer games, in Crowsnest Pass, actually."  She said that during those games she made new friends and connected with friends who had moved away but were also attending.

Johnson encourages anyone who is interested to fill out a registration form online at the SASG website, the Pincher Creek Pool's Facebook page, pick up a registration from the pool office, or contact her by phone at 403-627-4322 if they have any questions.

There are some changes to the SASG format from last year.  Each community works with the facilities and volunteers that they have.  "Darts is new this year," Johnson said, and explained that there will be no small bore shooting this year.  "There are still a few (activities) that they are still deciding on."  She has toured the facilities and lauded the work that Claresholm has done prepping for the SASG.  "It looks like it's going to be a lot of fun.  The day we went was beautiful.  If it's anything like that it's going to be fantastic."

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