Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Local teen Miranda Van Loon earns Silver at 2015 Skills Canada Alberta competition

Miranda Van Loon
Chris Davis

Matthew Halton High School grade 10 student Miranda Van Loon recently won a Silver Medal in the Job Skills Demonstration category at the 2015 Skills Canada Alberta Provincials held at the Edmonton Expo Centre on May 13 and 14.   According to Van Loon, approximately 700 competitors participated, and 43 trades were represented at the competition. "The Job Skills had 10, Welding had 21.  I was up against 9."

"They estimate that there is something like 12,000 people that comes into the Expo Centre and watch. It's crazy."

Van Loon chose cheesecake making for her demonstration. She said she was a bit intimidated at the thought of public speaking, particularly in front of such a large crowd. "Hi, I'm Miranda, I'm going to make cheesecake, now can you please quit watching me!"

"I thought I did terrible, I really did. Then the closing ceremonies comes up."  When it was time for her category she heard them say "The bronze medal goes to... The silver medal goes to...' and they called me. I just went 'What? I got Silver? That's pretty good.' I get up on stage in front of tons of people..."

Was she excited to win the award? "Oh yeah!"

Van Loon said there were three judges, two men and a woman, and she believes her approach may have been what set her apart. She said that one of her competitors explained what she was doing as she demonstrated the act of making cheesecake. "Whereas I had the history of cheesecake, and I introduced everything, and the other competitors really lacked that."

Van Loon was in Edmonton for a total of four days, including the two days of the competition. In her extra time she enjoyed visiting West Edmonton Mall.

Congratulations Miranda!

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