Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Making history Alberta style (let your voice be heard)

Rob Bernshaw

Well Alberta it is time for your choice to prevail and your voice to be heard stronger and louder, to be a part of the rich diverse history that makes Alberta one of the greatest provinces in Canada to live work and raise a family (whether that family consists of 1 person or many people).

Alberta is unique in its political perspectives as throughout its sometimes dramatic history Albertans do not go half way in their pursuit of a better life. Sometimes Albertans are held back for many reasons not the least of those is fear. Fear of the unknown fear of change to their lifestyle and possible perks through connections made in one’s lifetime. If one were to take a step or two back in time and choose to walk the cowboy trail or the badlands of Drumheller one will find many skeletons along those dusty trails. Sometimes those skeletons are not only the sun bleached bones laying along the dusty trails but interesting facets of life that tell a story of what Alberta was, is now and will become in the future.

What would you as an Albertan do to be a part of the rich diverse history that makes up Alberta?

One would think that to be a part of Alberta’s rich history one would have to do something great like taking part in the 106 day run across Alberta and Canada from October 30, 2009 to February 12, 2010, prior to the 2010 Winter Olympics held in Vancouver Canada.

Or maybe be one of the Famous Five or Valiant five(as some may refer to these courageous Alberta women) in petitioning the Supreme Court of Canada to answer the question.”Does the word ‘Persons’ in Section 24 of the British North America Act, 1867 include female persons?”

- Source: Wikipedia

It may be simpler than one may think to become a part of Alberta’s rich and diverse history in 2015 History is an interesting word and does not necessarily refer to the early history of our province or our lives but also refers what happened a second ago, a minute ago or even a day that has recently past into the history book of our lives. We make history every time we open our mouths to speak, write a letter, character or word on a page, tablet, computer or other form of medium that is available at the time.

Now another medium is the ballot box to get one’s voice heard and be part of Alberta history in the making, literally right before our very eyes.

How does that sound to all the hard working Albertans out there perusing the Pincher Creek Voice here in Alberta and across Canada? Not only can one be an active participant in this historical history making event in Alberta but one will also be a shining example to others across this great nation of Canada and around the world(Pincher Creek Voice is read from Canada to the Philippines as it is an online presence making history every day of it’s own accord) of true democracy in action.

In order for the democratic principles and processes that we so enjoy here in Alberta and across Canada, one needs to revel in and cherish our right to be heard loud and clear. For our voices to be heard loud and clear we need to step up and be proud Albertans and proud Canadians by performing a duty to ourselves and to other people around us showing that we cherish our freedoms and our diversity to make the choices that will helps us be a better person a better Albertan, a better Canadian and a better example to all. Democracy Lives, and is strong here in the Province of Alberta in 2015.

Getting involved and participating in a Historical Alberta event that will take place on Tuesday May 5, 2015 will forever be the turning point in every one’s live that have taken the courageous step and overcoming the fear that may appear in the face of change to vote according to their individual views and thoughts not according to what may appear in the various media formats such as social, radio, television, or print. No matter what kind of advertising whether fear based or factual to sell a product to Albertans the ultimate decision when one is alone with their thoughts and pencil in hand to mark ‘X’ in the circle on the ballot is made by one person only and that is yourself. No one is there to influence or coerce into voting their way. It is only the individual at that moment in time of simple contemplation that will make history when the ‘X’ is placed in the circle and the ballot put into the ballot box sealing forever the future of Alberta and the part played of the individual that has voted in the democratic process and right of voting.

So remember this good people of Alberta if you have not already been a part of Alberta History making by voting in the advance polls held across Alberta, there is still a great opportunity to be a part of Alberta’s rich and diverse History by getting out and voting on Tuesday May 5, 2015. Make a party of it by taking your friends neighbors and loved ones but do get out and exercise your right to vote by marking an ‘X’ for the candidate of your choice on the road to Alberta’s future by being a participant in creating Alberta’s rich and diverse History.

2015 is an historic year for the people of Alberta and even Canada in the fact that there are so many choices to choose from at the ballot box and the possibility of a great change on the political landscape where when the sun rises on all Albertans what will one see Wednesday May 6, 2015 ?

Will the landscape be different or the same one cannot tell for sure in this political game we are all a part of. If one had a clear unclouded crystal ball than one would know for sure but than that takes all the fun out of the story if one were to go to the end of the novel or fast forward to the end of the movie. Here is a thought for one to consider as one goes out to vote on Tuesday May 5, 2015:

“Orange, Red, Green or Blue the choice and decision is entirely up to you.”

Have a great day participating in the democratic way, and being a part of Alberta History in the making, by letting your voice be heard loud and clear at the ballot box this year.
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