Tuesday, May 19, 2015

PCES conducts smoke training exercise at abandoned Main Street house

PCES members enter simulated structure fire 
Chris Davis

Pincher Creek Emergency Services (PCES) held a smoke training exercise at an abandoned house at 655 Main Street last Thursday evening, May 14. It was the second training event at the site, and Chief Dave Cox said there will be more of them in the next few weeks. The house is owned by the Town of Pincher Creek, and is slated for demolition as part of the Town's community housing initiative (click here for that story).

Fire Captain Jeremy Nelson (center) giving instructions
First responders from Pincher Creek and Beaver Mines stations participated in last week's exercise. Fire Captain Jeremy Nelson instructed them in the finer points of tracking each other's whereabouts and other safety aspects of fire response safety and organization. Chief Cox used a fogger to fill the house with simulated smoke.  Cox explained that the "smoke" was non-toxic but said he dind't recommend breathing in a lot of it.   It had a taste and texture similar to baby oil. The first responders suited up (including breathing apparatus), and performed a number of tasks, including retrieving fire victims from the structure, proper use of gear, and locating each other in the blindness of a smoke filled structure.

Chief Cox adjusts fogger
Chief Cox wishes to alert Pincher Creek citizens that there will be more training events at the house, which is located next to the old RCMP building, before it is torn down.

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