Thursday, May 14, 2015

Pincher Creek's beer league cracks open a new season with tourney

Joey Jackson

The Pincher Creek Slo-Pitch League kicked off their 2015 softball season with their first ever season-opening tournament last weekend.  The event was supposed to start on Friday May 8th but the games were delayed until early the next day because there was an unexpected snowfall. There were a total of 9 teams signed up to participate in the friendly tournament out of the 13 that are scheduled for the regular season.

The teams were made up of people of different skill levels and ages, and had pretty interesting names as well. The nine teams in the tournament were: We're here for the Beer, Sons of Pitches, Bandits, Blue Jays, I'd Hit That, Beers, Red Chair Bears, and the Blue Ballers.

The other teams that are in the league but did not participate in the tournament are the Balls of Anarchy, The Plain Eagles, The Brew Jays and the Pitch Slaps.

During the tournament there were some setbacks.  There was a team that dropped out but quickly another team joined up, and in some games there weren't enough players on some of the teams at the time so they just borrowed players from teams that weren't playing. 

 After the snow melted and the games could resume it ended up being the perfect weekend for baseball.   Throughout the tournament spectators said the same thing, that it was a perfect day with perfect weather, and it was great for all the people with families, because the kids could all play together. Jeff Kaupp is a player and the man who set up the tournament and also the regular season along with Tanis French.  He said that the main reason for starting the season with a tournament was so that “everyone could work out the kinks and loosen up after a winter of now baseball”. 

While there was some great baseball being played by every team involved it was agreed that Wade Giesbrecht from the Beers had the play of the tournament when he somehow managed to do a barrel roll before catching a pop fly out to right field.

Because the tournament was intended for fun and a workout, all the teams were lax about keeping score or who won, so there was no official winner of the tournament. The slow pitch regular season started Monday May 11 and continues until the end of August when all the teams will meet up again to have the season ending tournament. Kaupp said “This is the most teams we've had in six years. Our league and the sport of slow pitch continue to grow and thrive in Pincher. We're looking forward to a great season.”

Red Chair Bears

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