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Town of Pincher Creek council hears about Wild Pink Yonder cancer awareness fundraiser

Ken Neumann
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Ken Neumann represented the Pincher Creek Elks, appearing as a delegation before Council for the Town of Pincher Creek on Monday, April 27.  He spoke about the upcoming 23-day Wild Pink Yonder (WPY) Breast Cancer Awareness horse ride fundraiser that is scheduled to come through Pincher Creek August 10.  He asked council to help Pincher Creek become 'The Pinkest Little Town in the West' for the day.

"The basic idea of this ride is to raise money for breast cancer, which I think affects everybody," said Neumann.  Part of the incentive for visiting each community is they are going to visit 23 communities throughout this 23 day ride, and the community that raises the most money will get a sign to put outside of the community that is going to say 'Pinkest Little Town in Western Canada'.  Neumann said that the WPY travel with an entertainment act, and additionally encourage the communities that they visit to host additional fundraising and awareness acts while they are in town.  He said he would like to see a parade during the visit, and that he has been working with other community service groups and businesses to try and capitalize on this opportunity and sign up volunteers.

Councilor Doug Thornton asked what could be done to support this endeavor. "One thing that I see is town painted pink, people with pink hair,  and stuff like that.  Is that what we're supposed to do, is show support for the pink theme, or is the winner of this contest the one that's going to raise the most money?"  Neumann said that although efforts to go pink were welcome, it would be the community that raised the most money that would win the title.  Thornton asked if that was the community that raised the most funds per capita, and was told that it was who raised the most funds in general.   His next question was whether the WPY was visiting Calgary. "As far as I know, they are hitting small communities," said Neumann.

After some further questions about what exactly was being asked of council Neumann said "I don't know about funds, I mean, I am also trying to spearhead, and get the community involved."  Mayor Don Anderberg suggested that council be kept updated on plans, as parades require cooperation from the town and if they are going to ask for funds for this it would be best to have an amount presented to discuss.  Anderberg said that this information will be discussed at a future council meeting.

Neumann said that the WPY is sponsored by the Alberta Cancer Foundation.  The schedule for the ride in this area is: Fort Macleod August 7, Glenwood on August 8, Hillspring on August 9, and Pincher Creek August 10.  For more information contact Ken Nuemann at 403-627-7432 or email

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