Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Why did the sidewalk cross the road?

Schoefield Street, site of planned sidewalk (north side to the left)
Toni Lucas

At their May 11 meeting Council for the Town of Pincher Creek accepted an unscheduled delegation of citizens Robert Yanke, Anita Yanke, and Robert Jackson.  The trio expressed their concerns about a sidewalk planned for along Schofield Street.  Robert Yanke said "You guys are developing a sidewalk going through on the south side of the road.  I thought it was supposed to be on the north."

 Mayor Anderberg agreed that the original plan was to install the sidewalk on the north side of the street.  He said that due to several issues issues with that plan it was decided to instead install it on the south side.  Robert Yanke said "On the south side, you are going to have a bunch of issues to deal with, too."  Anita Yanke asked if someone had looked into drainage and slumping issues.  The couple asked about how this will change water runoff. They said that their area has drainage issues already.

Anderberg said that the plan is to have the sidewalk link up to a pathway that goes down the hill to Canyon School, adding that one of the reasons for installing the sidewalk is safety issues caused by students walking on the road on their way to school.

Issues raised by the citizens included drainage, speeding, slumping requiring a retaining wall, signage, where snow from the street will be deposited, icing, and drifting snow.

Regarding the issue of speeding councillors Rubbelke and councillor Thornton said that the area in question is a playground zone with a 30 km speed limit.  As to why they chose to change which side of the street the sidewalk is to be installed Mayor Anderberg said "I know there were reasons it got switched to the south side from the north side, there are issues along the north side that are a little hard to deal with, but I'm hearing  there are issues along the south side that are hard to deal with, too."

All three citizens agreed that a sidewalk is desirable.  Robert Yanke said "Having a sidewalk is fine.  But being able to maintain it so it is not a danger to the public, with the water flowing might be an engineering thing."

Robert Jackson added "In the spring and when it's freezing in the fall, that sidewalk is going to be glare ice."

Administration took their contact information, saying a person from the operations department will talk with them about their concerns.

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