Friday, June 5, 2015

2015 Pincher Creek and District 4-H Market Hog Achievement Show and Sale

Toni Lucas

The 2015 Pincher Creek and District 4-H Market Hog Achievement Show and Sale was held on Monday, June 1.  Twenty members of Rocky Mountain Swine Club and Chinook Multi Club brought their project animals to the Horseshoe Pavilion to be judged by Art Friesen in the age groups of Senior, Intermediate, and Junior.  Friesen was judging attributes in the categories of Market Hog, Showmanship, and Grooming. Michelle Spencer was MC for the event.  The kids worked throughout the entire season to deliver a healthy well formed animal, and on show day they worked to keep their animals clean, calm, and showed them to the best of their abilities.  It was great to see the co-operation between the members of both clubs as they prepared for the events of the day.

Interclub Grand Champion Taylor Deley with Art Friesen and Jeff Hammond
Interclub Reserve Champion and Rocky Mountain Swine Club Reserve Grand Champion Mayz Vance

Taylor Deley was named Interclub Grand Champion and Interclub Reserve Champion went to Mayz Vance.
Rocky Mountain Swine Club Grand Champion Nelz Vance
Rocky Mountain Swine Club members were wearing their distinctive red shirts and went into the ring first.  The Vance family did extremely well with Nelz Vance achieving Grand Champion and Mayz Vance earning Reserve Grand Champion.

Chinook Multi Club Champion Cadence Sinnott with Jeff Hammond and Art Friesen
Chinook Multi Club members sported black shirts.  The club had no Senior members showing and 6 of their 10 members were in the Junior category.  Club Champion was awarded to Cadence Sinnott and Taylor Deley won Club Reserve Champion.

^ Chinook Multi Club (Logan Deley is missing from photo) with Grant Byers of Pincher Creek Meats, buyer of their Scholarship Market Hog 

In between judging and the sale the kids visited with each other, groomed their animals and prepared themselves to bring their animals before the buyers.  This was a time for fun and last minute adjustments.  Southern Alberta Livestock Exchange members volunteered to run the sale.  They kept a brisk pace.  Many in the audience knew each other and chatted away while having fun bidding, making it a lively event.

photos: T. Lucas and Myra Hammond

Rocky Mountain Swine Club 

Levi Anderson, Tyson Goodreau, Danika Starzyk, Chaz Vance, Bryce Conley

Lewis Anderson, Nelz Vance, Josh Conley

Mayz Vance, Kate Conley

Chinook Multi Club

Brooke Hammond, Jillanna Hammond, Maeran Hinch, Taylor Deley

Jaxon Hammond, Shawn Hammond, Kiera Hinch, Logan Deley, Cadence Sinnott, Dakota Grineage

Brooke Hammond
Bryce Conley
Cadence Sinnott
Chaz Vance
Dakota Grineagle
Danika Starzyk
Jaxon Hammond
Jillana Hammond
Josh Conley
Kate Conley
Kiera Hinch
Levi Anderson
Lewis Anderson and Marcus
Maeran Hinch
Mayz Vance
Nelz Vance
Shawn Hammond
Taylor Deley
Tyson Goodreau
Nelz, Chaz, and Mayz Vance

I pledge my head to clearer thinking,
My heart to greater loyalty,
My hands to larger service,
and my health to better living,
for my club, my community, my country, and my world.

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