Sunday, June 14, 2015

Bells ring in Pincher Creek for United Church 90th anniversary

In the beginning was the Word

Toni Lucas

Approximately 30 people came to the United Church in Pincher Creek for a celebration on the morning of Wednesday, June 10 in honour of the 90th anniversary of the United Church of Canada. People gathered on the lawn and enjoyed cookies and lemonade on the lovely bright day.  At 10:30 am Caroline Johnson rang the bell 90 times in celebration. Once that was finished she continued to play music for 10 minutes.  Reverend Brent Woodard offered tours of the building explaining the history of the United Church in Pincher Creek and across Canada, and the role the church has for the members of the congregation and the community at large.

Caroline Johnson
People sat in chairs on the lawn outside, enjoying the music and visiting.  Member Joyce Taylor brought a Tibetan singing bowl and demonstrated how to use it.  She said she finds the Pincher Creek congregation to be very open minded and accepting.  "It's more about faith, and support, and community."

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