Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Canyon School Animal Care and Chinese exchange students visit local farm

Jeff Hammond explains farming to visiting students
Lorraine Robbins

On Friday, May 29th, Canyon School's Animal Care Breakout session students and Chinese exchange students were treated to a field trip at the farm of Linda and Jeff Hammond. Linda and Jeff were very diligent in explaining to the students how each different animal required different care and different food. Explanations were also given regarding reasons for raising a variety of animals as well as the veterinary care for individual animals.

The students toured through the pig pens, the chicken coop, the horse pasture and past the incubator still holding chicken eggs to be hatched. While there, the students got to hold baby pigs and newly hatched baby chicks. The Hammond children’s 4-H pigs were also on the tour, as well as a family of owls nesting in some spruce trees in the yard. It was a great learning excursion and we thank the Hammond family for their wonderful hospitality.

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