Monday, June 8, 2015

Cardston kidnapping and sexual assault suspects sought - updated

Composite drawing of one of two kidnapping/sexual assault suspects
Cardston RCMP
Updated June 8, 2015

Cardston RCMP officers are investigating the report of a kidnapping and sexual assault of a young woman which occurred at approximately 11:00 p.m. on June 3, 2015 outside the Cardston High School, in Cardston, Alberta.

Officers are seeking the public`s help in identifying an individual in this kidnapping and sexual assault investigation. A composite drawing of Male #2 was completed with the victim in this matter.

A dark coloured van pulled up to the woman, two men took her into their vehicle and drove to a remote location. During the incident one of the male sexually touched the woman. Once at a location, the woman fought her way out and fled on foot. The woman was unharmed and re-united with her family.

Vehicle description:
· Older, dark navy blue van
· Rectangular headlights, and fog lights with the passenger side one burnt out
· Back windows were tinted
· Cracked windshield on the passenger side where a rick chip was
· Silver chrome stripe alongside of van

Male #1 description:
· Wearing a reddish coloured ball cap
· Had a longer nose
· Smaller frame
· Longer hair under his hat. Black
· Had 5 o'clock shadow
· Native male, lighter skin
· 20's

Male #2 description:
· Fairly large
· Roughly 5'10"
· Really dark skin
· Clean Shaven
· Wearing a red/burgundy ball cap backwards
· A long sleeved black shirt with a distorted picture on it.
· Blue jeans and a shiny black dress belt
· About 280 lbs
· Short hair
· Approximately 19-25 year old

Anyone with information about this matter is asked to contact the Cardston RCMP at 403-653-4931 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-822-TIPS.

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