Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Inaugural Wild Rose Rough Runner endurance event a big success

Wild Rose Rough Runner
photos courtesy CrossFit Pincher Creek, various photographers

Toni Lucas

The first Wild Rose Rough Runner event, held just south of Pincher Creek, included 90 racers who challenged themselves and each other on a 5 kilometer course while navigating 14 obstacles that included over-unders, a barbwire crawl, a slip-and-slide, a tire challenge, and a handstand wall.

Mayhem Monsters finishing 
Photo courtesy Dena Kuzyk
Mayhem Monsters: Erin Grujic, Tia Doell,Ed Sinnott, Rhonda Oczkowski, Scott Korbett,Larissa McGlynn, Veronica Oczkowski , Jeanette Davis,(hidden behind is Sariah Brasnett),Darla McGlynn, Leanna Riviere.  Missing is Jacqui Bruns... she was so excited she ran ahead of the camera

"We are planning on having it again in the future," said Pincher Creek CrossFit Owner Paula Szaroz. Szaroz and Alecia Willis were the primary organizers. "We get a lot of people that want to do fitness activities outside of the gym." Szaroz said she decided to try to make a fun, challenging outdoor event. Racers on the course included seniors, children, and all ages in between, and it took anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour to complete the race.

Sariah Brasnett and Ed Sinnott
Photo courtesy of Niki McRae
Szaroz watched what was done and is already planning changes for next year's run.  "We didn't have a team aspect this year, so we just organized people that wanted to run together in the same heat. Next year that's something that we'll definitely want to bring in is the team aspect."

Lori-Jo Ettenhofer and Dominique Chandler-Plouffe
"It was all for a great cause," Szaroz said, explaining the event was a fundraiser for KidSport, and raised approximately $1500.  As explained in their mission statement, KidSport "provides support to children in order to remove financial barriers that prevent them from playing organized sport".

Szaroz said she liked seeing participation from people who, to the best of her knowledge, have never gone to a gym, and from her gym's clients, people from other fitness centers, and from local businesses. "The whole community got involved."

Photos courtesy of Wild Rose Rough Runner Facebook page (except where otherwise noted)
The parking lot of the former Sobey's store was used as a staging area for getting to the site of the event, with transportation scheduled for every 15 to 20 minutes throughout the day.  An after-party was arranged for the grownups at Leo's Pub and Grill on Main Street.

Events like this are perfect for getting rid of spare tires

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